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The birth of Coaching Barcelona Paris.

Dernière mise à jour : 16 janv. 2020

Two beating hearts meet each other, discovering, seeking and finding themselves to beat in unison ... A singer and a dancer sharing the same sensitivity with regard to the world, human nature, art ... Of this unexpected meeting, was born this desire to unite and build together their own universe, naturally leading them towards this common goal that is Coaching Barcelona Paris.

Their experiences, either in singing for Aleksandrs Sabanovs or in dance and sport for Olivier Bellili, led them to the same thought, to the same certainty: each passionate person should not be afraid to express his passion because "everyone can sing or dance. "

It would be very simplistic and wrong to proclaim that there are not bad students but only bad teachers. However, this seems not so wrong to the two creators of Coaching Barcelona Paris. A good coach should not only be a good technician, he should show empathy and kindness in order to support those who wish to achieve their goals. Aleksandrs and Olivier will be attentive in order to accompany you in this learning, while respecting your rhythm, your technical and psychological capacities.

Whether you think you are a singer or not (even though everyone is a singer); whether you are a professional or a novice; whether you are a professional athletic or amateur ; whether you are comfortable with your body and self-representation or not; Coaching Barcelona Paris is there for you individually and personally.

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