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First events in Paris

Aleksandrs Sabanovs, tenor opera singer and co-director of Coaching Barcelona Paris has touched the hearts of Parisians for the past two weeks.   It was in Paris that the adventure of the concept "Soirée Opéra" began, events organized by Olivier Bellili and Aleksandrs Sabanovs within Coaching Barcelona Paris. This new structure also offers singing, dancing and wellness lessons as well as the creation of cultural and sporting events.   It was a stone thrown from the Champs-Élysées, at "Paillettes": the new restaurant / cocktail bar of Lieux d'émotions group led by Michael Fox, that customers were able to enjoy this first "Soirée Opéra".   These evenings are not reserved for opera lovers but are also an opportunity for neophytes to discover lyric art in a friendly way, with ease despite great vocal technicality. Yes, Aleksandrs Sabanovs makes opera accessible to everyone by his interaction with the public, his self-giving, without frills or artifices, and always with a touch of humor.   A dinner show does not turn into a concert ... When you go out for a drink with friends or for dinner, you don't necessarily want to be in a concert or hear an artist all night long. For Coaching Barcelona Paris, it is essential to take into account that you go out to the restaurant to be able to enjoy a good meal and share moments of conviviality and discussions.

Thus, "Soirée Opéra" offers passages of approximately 5 minutes every 20 minutes during the evening, like a lyrical breath coming to caress the ears and touch the heart, not of the spectators but of the consumers. Each passage can be in a different register: sometimes close to comic opera, sometimes more dramatic and sometimes in a completely different "operatic" setting, for example wishing a happy birthday.  

When we say the word "Opera", very often people have apprehensions, well anchored clichés of chic and expensive evenings. This image of the past of the bourgeoisie coming out at the Opera with beautiful clothes, also the fact that a ticket can be expensive, often generate the thought of an elitist art, reserved for a social class. You can also sometimes hear "I don't know anything about it, it's not for me". Beyond the opera, we can say that what one does not know scares oneself. A recurring theme throughout the history of humanity causing sad outcomes and very often still today, a source of social exclusion. Birds of a feather flock together...  

Listening to opera would be good for our brain

Some scientific studies show that listening to opera is good for our mental health. So why should you be afraid of it? Why deprive yourself of the facts of lyrical art? Why should you say that you don't like without having even taken the time to really listen to it? It is probably a bit like a child who refuses to eat a food, claiming that he does not like ... when he has never tasted it.

In a next article we will develop with scientific articles this theory, which, of course will not be based on the Mozart effect, published in 1993 by Rauscher, Shaw and Ky. According to their studies, the students would develop better capacities cognitive to spatial reasoning tasks. However, in 1999 Chabris will make a meta-analysis with non-significant results of the 16 studies on this Mozart effect, not allowing to validate it (https://www.psychologie-sociale.com/index.php/fr/dossiers- to-play / 39-l-mozart-effect-or-the-history-of-a-legend)

Music and social cohesion Many of us have certainly experienced this kind of scene one day: "you are in public transport, surrounded by an anonymous crowd. Despite the crowdedness, nobody really looks at each other, nobody talks to each other, nobody communicates. Then a person who begins to sing, with not only an extraordinary vocal technique, but also a gift of oneself through his art. Very quickly, then creates links of communication between this crowd beforehand made up of isolated individuals. become a group for the time of a song ... looking at themselves, discovering themselves, then communicating by looks, smiles, words ... Our current society seems turned towards others with in particular the extent of social networks and internet. But is this really the case? This individual need to always be on a screen to share "selfies" would it not rather be a sign of a deep need to treat a wounded ego and more and more read weakened by a lack of social cohesion? This virtual window that we open on the outside, doesn't it seem to isolate us socially? So turn off your phones, turn off your screens, go out, watch, look around. Go out to the restaurant and let yourself be surprised during the meal by an opera singer who will donate himself with his magnificent tenor voice. Let yourself be lulled and exchanged with other tables, other people with whom you would probably not have communicated if this artist had not been the stimulus to this social cohesion. To come up : Saturday February 8, 2020 "Opera Evening" from 9 p.m. Flo Restaurant Barcelona Carrer de les Jonqueres, 10 08003 Barcelona (plaza Catalunya) +34 933 19 31 02 Coaching Barcelona Paris / Barcelone Accueil

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